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Focus on what you're good at, get help with the rest.

TechScratch is a community to trade small, deliverable tasks that fall outside your skillset.

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    • Don't go down the rabbit hole

    • It would be a quick job for the right person, but it takes you hours because it's not what you do. So why struggle? Post the task to get expert help.

    • TechScratch is NOT a tech forum

    • Stackoverflow is great when you want an answer to a question. But when you just need something done, you need more than a tech forum.

    • How does it work?

    • Browse open tasks to find something that's easy for you. Help finish that task to get points. Then spend those points to post your own task. Learn more.

    • Better quality help

    • Outsourcing sites are full of low-quality bidders. By removing the profit motive, TechScratch offers helpful people who are just doing what they enjoy.